Red Orchard Barn in Shelbyville, KY :   You may remember Ruth and Nick from their  Louisville boat engagement session.   I was so honored for them to ask me to be a part of their special day.   As a photographer, I am able to share in some of the most intimate parts of the wedding day.  I am able to witness and be a part of the family helping to get the bride ready, the emotional moments and laughs between bridesmaids, the craziness when something doesn’t go according to plan, the bride’s reaction when it finally sinks in that it’s real, the first sight (which is my absolute favorite part of the day), the fun with the bridal party and the excitement before the ceremony, the emotional moment when the bride walks the aisle towards the groom, the ceremony and then finally the party and the celebration.     It’s no surprise that after sharing all of those moments that I would consider the bride and groom as my friends and they me as well.    And when I have already known the couple and actually played a part in them dating, it makes everything doubly sweet.  It also makes this blog post.. doubly long.  LOL.   Enjoy…

We started the day at Canary Crystal Hair Salon in Indiana with Kate.  Kate is a long time friend and it was wonderful to have her be a part of their wedding.  



This is Ruth’s sister, isn’t she just beautiful.  Ruth told me just the other night how much she admires her sister and would like to be more like her.  


Ruth found this dress with an interesting textured fabric – it went perfect with the rustic feel of the day.


This is the gift that Nick will receive at the first sight.  



Then we were off to Red Orchard Park for the first sight.    When we arrived, this is what we saw!!!!!!

Ruth and Nick’s friends and family worked tirelessly to make all this come together.   The details were simply amazing.   













Now for the best part of the day!!   When I asked Ruth what her favorite part of the day was.. this is what she said.   There were so many little moments that I loved from our wedding day, it is hard to choose just one!  I loved traipsing around the property with Julie, taking pictures and laughing with some of our dearest friends before the wedding, and I loved all the unplanned funny little moments in our ceremony.  Being surrounded by so many of our closest friends all at one time, who had been rooting for us and cheering us on for years was priceless to us.  But if I had to choose just one moment as my favorite, it would have to be when Nick & I first saw each other.  We were able to sit down and just talk, with no one else around, and we were also able to kneel down and pray together on the kneeling bench he had made for us to use at our wedding.  Seeing him seeing me for the first time was very emotional and sacred – something I will always hold onto.  It was like we were able to freeze time in that moment and spend as long as we wanted together, just us, with no distractions or chaos.




When Ruth first said she was ready and asked Nick to turn around… he couldn’t.  Tears were already coming and he said to Ruth… “just give me second.”



































By this time all the guest started to arrive.    Ruth had everyone sign a quilt square so that they could make a wedding quilt.


With such a chilly day, the men decided to get the fire started early.











At one point during the ceremony, while I was trying my best not to be noticed as I tried to get a closer shot….  the minister made reference to me setting them up.   LOL.. next thing I know all eyes are on me.








Some ring sheningans!!    I love that this will be an argument that they have for years… Ruth tried to put it on the right hand, Nick says he knew it was the wrong hand.   Ruth says ‘you didn’t know’.    lol.   











Ruth and Nick met a guy with an antique truck and started  talking to him.  He volunteered his truck for their wedding and what we got was some amazing photos.















































As Nick and Ruth walked into the reception, Nick with tears in his eyes… stated how overwhelmed he was by the love and support of his family and friends.  I thought this last shot would share that sentiment with everyone who was a part of their special day.    Congratulations Ruth and Nick!!!

Here’s a list of all their vendors.

Red Orchard Barn – Shelbyville Parks & Rec (this is also who we rented our tables from)
Especially You Weddings & Events – chair and linen rentals
LADeeJay – DJ, Nick Williams
A-Morr’s Cake ‘n Crumb – Cake, Andrew Morrison
Springhurst Kroger –  bouquet
Catering – Scarlet Hope